Salmon River Chicks Gather at Wagonhammer Treasures

Eight years ago I visited Judy’s Cabin with one of our guests Judy served High English Tea with great splendor and delicacies and our Wagonhammer visitor was English and celebrating a special birthday so this seemed like a winner. As we were enjoying our tea there were several tables next to us on the scenic patio that were having way too much fun. I just had to interrupt and comment, probably with envy, about their wonderful time together with lots of laughter and chatter. Would you believe that several hours later the group came to my Wagonhammer shop and asked me if I would like to join their group and the rest is history.

Salmon River Chicks, Wagonhammer Ladies Day

Salmon River Chicks gather at Wagonhammer RV Park Lodge

We were originally a Red Hat Group but over the years our attire became more casual so today we are The Salmon River Chicks. For both me and Abner this has developed into long lasting friendships. You know when you are the new kid on the block it feels soooo good to be welcomed into a community with caring folks.  The Chicks have become very close girlfriends in my life!

Friends visit Wagohammer Idaho Gift Shop

Melissa Cole, Sue Edminston, Laura Starkey & Maxine Johnston

Today we again gathered for fun, food and just catching up with our busy lives in the Wagonhammer Lodge. As a group we have visited many local attractions and eateries located in and around Salmon Idaho. We also enjoy some overnight trips together such as Coeur d’alene, Missoula, Sun Valley, Stanley or just over the hill to Hamilton. Shopping together has also been a favorite hobby with the Chicks.

Maxine shopping Wagonhammer Idaho gift shop

Maxine searching for treasures!

We dined on Josephine’s Pizza and special deserts with Sue’s Chocolate covered strawberries topping the sweet list. We also sampled a New CHOCLATEROUGE (a blend of chocolate and fine red wine) a new selection in our wine cellar at Wagonhammer Treasures.

Sue showing new scarf

Sue showing her new hot pink scarf and “Fun Ring” with Laura

Today felt like an unveiling of my 2012 new treasures at the Wagonhammer Shop for the 2012 Season as everyone enjoyed fitting on the new clothing, scarves and jewels. I have been trying to come up with a name for my Wagonhammer shop and today we decided it should be officially called “Wagonhammer Treasures”!

Shop Wagonhammer Gifts in North Fork Idaho

Shop Wagonhammer Treasures Gift Shop in North Fork Idaho

Treasures found at Wagonhammer Gift Shop

Cheryl purchasing her found treasures with Wagonhammer Camp Host Midge

Owner Shirley Schultz helping customers, Idaho gift shops

Owner Shirley Schultz loves helping guests find their treasures!

Thanks to Dixie Gapp, our leader who is always coming up with new ideas as we take our turns in our monthly outings
Wagonhammer lodge welcomes you to use our gathering area as your destination for your group.  Just call Shirley at (208) 865-2477.