Jeep Jamboree at Wagonhammer

Jeep Jamboree Camped at Wagonhammer RV Park

The Nancy Humprey Happening arrived at Wagonhammer Campground with quite a posse of jeeps from both Arizona and California.

We were delighted they chose our Idaho RV Park destination as their week long stopping point to explore the many scenic trails and vistas in the Salmon Valley.  Their exploratory adventurous spirit was filled as each day they ventured out to sample our geological rich mountain ranges and historical trails of the past.

Jeep Traveling to Idaho Wagonhammer Campgrounds

It’s a Jeep Thing

I will only share with you a few of their outings in our immediate area.  They ventured down to the end of Salmon River Road at Corn Creek.  The  MT Saloon which dates back to the days of early mining has experienced no update so you are truly stepping back into a time freeze.  They take pride in offering the coldest beer in Lemhi County.  The owner Mike Tibbitts and Olie only add to the flavor of the old rustic bar.  The group also very much enjoyed the Mother Chucker’s Cafe (as of 2015 has closed for business) at Booker’s Retreat next to Panther Creek.  The pristine wilderness of the Salmon River Road with the energetic rapids is why Lewis and Clark dubbed it “The River of No Return”.

Lemhi Pass, also part of The Lewis and Clark Trail, takes you by The  Sharkey Hot Springs maintained by The U.S. Forest Service.  Highway 28 via Tendoy  and a visit with Viola at The General Store is a great source of the historical happenings of the area as she has tended to the store for many a decade and she loves to share her knowledge.  Any time, especially in the early spring I call Viola for a road report of the pass for our Wagonhammer guests.  As you cross the pass over to Montana the back way leads you to Bannock, one of the best ghost towns in our area which I talked about in my recent Ghost Town Blog.  You bypass Jackson Hot Springs, a great historical watering hole .  A stop at the Wisdom Cafe will energize you for the rest of your journey which leads to the Lost Trail Pass and back to Wagonhammer.  This trip is a full day of adventure.

The Old Gibbonville Road which was the original Stagecoach Trail leads to the top of the pass on Hwy 43.  The Big Hole National Battlefield is very nearby.  This battlefield memorializes the Nez Perce men, women and children, the soldiers of the 7th U.S. Infantry and the Bitteroot Volunteers who clashed at the Big Hole Battlefield.  You leave saddened but with a better understanding of the past and future of the Bitteroot.  Decending the pass to Wagonhammer is a hairpin experience surrounded by the beauty of the ski slopes.

Tired Rusted Jeep

Tired Jeep

Going to the top of 4th of July Road is a shorter jaunt taking you to the top of Stein Mountain.  You follow mountain streams and heavily forested areas to the look out tower.  If you are lucky the ranger will be there and will share with you the the views of the surrounding valley.  You will sight River Road, Gibbonsville. Hwy 93 to Montana and the grassy valley leading to Salmon City.  We like taking a picnic lunch to enjoy at the Mountain Top.

The U.S. Forest service at nearby North Fork is always glad to share the many trails with maps and guidance for the new explorers of our scenic valleys.

Planning a trip to Salmon Idaho or North Fork Idaho?  Stop in and see us at Wagonhammer RV Park and Campground.  Shirley, Abner and our camp hosts will be happy to guide you to cool places to see in the area!