Group Destination for Family Reunions at Wagonhammer

Wagonhammer is a Group Destination for Family Reunions.

We are thrilled to have just hosted the Wilde Family Reunion for the fifth season. The following is a quote from the family.

The Wilde family met from all across the world this summer at the Wagonhammer Campground. Family came from South Carolina, Ohio, Utah, Nevada, Texas and even from across the Pond from Scotland. The setting was perfect. The grandkids and cousins all had fun playing games on the grass field that surrounded the campsites. One of the highlights was the slip and slide that Grandma brought.  We also celebrated Grandpa’s 70th Birthday. For many of us The Wagonhammer Campground has been a favorite spot for many years. We wanted to thank the camp hosts for helping make this trip so wonderful. Thanks Scott

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Wilde Family Reunion

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Wild Times with Grandma’s Slip and Slide

Wagonhammer, a destinations park, becomes a Gathering Mecca as we reacquaint with family and friends and many long lasting friendships.

Forties thru The Year 2013 Gather at Wagonhammer

What memory makers over the decades for our group of six who met in Florida in the early forties.

Betty and Ab Lawton along with Ralph and Ursala still call the Miami, Florida area their home. Jim and Marion Strong joined the group last year for a stay at our campgrounds. They so enjoyed our Salmon Valley that they decided to make the North Fork area their home and are in the process of building a beautiful dwelling in the perfect setting.

A gathering of chilhood friends!

A gathering of chilhood friends!

Ab and Betty were the first to discover Wagonhammer RV Park as they stopped in with intentions to stay only for one evening seven years ago. That planned one evening on the river captivated them and they extended their stay with us for several more weeks. Soon after they talked their childhood buddies into joining them on another RV trip to gather at Wagonhammer.

Again in 2013 this special group of friends are back together for a month of reminiscing and enjoyment of all of our local attractions and cuisine. We hope to have you all back together at Wagonhammer in 2014!

Up and Coming Gatherings at Wagonhammer

Salmon Valley Strings and Wagonhammer are sponsoring the second Blue Grass Fest at Wagonhammer, July 24th at 5:30 on the back patio. We are raising funds for Our local Search and Rescue!

Please bring a dish to share and your lawn chairs
We are also looking for auction items so any items would be appreciated to add fun to our evening
See you at Wagonhammer for a night of lively entertainment and the best food!

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Community Potluck Dinner, Music Events

Community and campground guests enjoy potluck dinner