Grand Motorcycles Arrived at Wagonhammer RV Park

Grand motorcycles arrived at our biker friendly Wagonhammer campground this past week.  Our Canadian visitor’s theme was S.K.I. Canada which literally interprets to “Spending Kids Inheritance”.

SKI, Spending Kids Inheritance

New Interpretation of Ski Canada “Spending Kid’s Inheritance”

This was a very special group as the organizers were our niece and nephew, Rod and Judy Shantz and two additional couples, the Clark’s and Israel’s, who very quickly became our friends.

Friends visit biker friendly campgrounds

Canadian friends and family visit Wagonhammer

We enjoyed sharing our beautiful area with lots of shopping and a great dining experience at 100 Acre Wood.  We also had to sample Wagonhammer Brews at Bertram’s Brewery.   What a wonderful visit as we reminisced and just enjoyed each other’s company.   Rod and Judy, we so thank you for your generous donation to The North Fork Volunteer Fire Department and our local Kiwanis Group.  So appreciated!!!

Bikers Judy and Rod, Biker friendly campgrounds

Family Reunion with Judy and Rod

Bob Jobe  Good Friend and  2013 Wagonhammer Host with his wife Judy is a member of  Goathead Riders, Lake Havasu City.

Bob made our farewell very special with the following Goathead Prayer.

“Before each ride that the Goatheads take we all gather around our Brothers and Sisters in a circle – Hold hands to complete a endless chain to thank God for this freedom we have as bikers to be able to ride together.  We ask Him to keep us all safe on our ride together and bring us back to our families safe. We also ask him to be with our loved ones while we are gone and to be with our soldiers who make our country safe.  Thank You God in the name of Jesus till we meet again.”

“Just like our Wagonhammer Toast” – a circle with an endless chain  “Happy Trails” were our parting words.