“Good Sam” Continuing a Tradition of Serving RVers

Wagonhammer RV Park Receives Good Sam Award for Excellence

Good Sam Parks Idaho, Wagonhammer CampgroundThe Good Sam Club began in 1956 when a group of RV owners put Good Samaritan bumper stickers on their rigs so fellow members would know they could get help on the road. In the early days, Good Sam members spread the word at RV parks and other Club events. Soon everyone wanted to know how to get a Good Sam “smiling decal”.   The Club grew and grew.

Today, the goal remains the same as from those days: to make RVing safer and more enjoyable, and save members money through Club endorsed benefits and services. The Good Sam Club is now over 1 million members RVing families strong and growing! Members have fun, stop to help one another and meet our responsibilities to the environment, highways and parks.

Wagonhammer RV Park and Campground is proud to qualify as “An Official Good Sam Park” which in turn saves the good Sam Members a discounted rate. We find that many of our guests use The Trailer Life Directory as their Bible and Guide in selecting their Destination Park as the rating system is very reliable.

Wagonhammer RV and Campground is very proud of a 2011 Award of Excellence for outstanding achievement and commitment to excellence as one of the TOP 300 rated RV Parks in North America. This was a crowning moment for both Abner and I as we take great pride in our park.

Mike & Donna Oliverio, Marketing Consultants - Good Sam Parks

As an Idaho destination RV Park we are a favored choice for RV Group Outings. We were pleased to have two Good Sam Groups select Wagonhammer for an Outing.

Eagle Rock RV Good Sam Group, Idaho Falls came to visit us for several days in August with their favored area being Wagonhammer’s River Front Sites. They enjoyed the camera ready shots in their very own front yard of elk and deer crossing the river and our Bald Eagle swooping over the Salmon River.  Salmon City and the River Road are always points of venture for the group and of course they enjoy the camaraderie with both great sharing food and lots of chit chat and laughter. Thanks to Chuck Dawley, Wagonmaster for putting together a great rally.

Good Sam RV Group Rally at Wagonhammer Campgrounds

Good Sam Eagle Rock RV Group

The Bitterroot Good Sam Group hailing from the Hamilton, Montana area chose mid September to return to Wagonhammer for several days of fun and relaxation. They rafted the river, played golf in town and some of the gals made jewelry in the lodge. They treated themselves to gourmet dining at 100 Acre Wood, a very quaint and excellent dining experience just 5 miles from Wagonhammer. Jon and Nancy serve food which is a feast for both the eye and the stomach. Also I must mention that the men of the Bitteroot Group prepared 2 full breakfasts for their ladies.   This group enjoys River’s Edge as their gathering spot.

We are pleased to say that both groups are “Be Back”.  We welcome Good Sam Groups to our Park to enjoy our beautiful grounds and the surrounding area rich in pristine wilderness, an abundance of wild life, shopping and dining. Just call us at (208) 865-2477 to arrange your date and I will forward a packet of information to make your stay enjoyable for all.

For anyone wishing to become a Good Sam Member we sell memberships at our front desk which will immediately give you Good Sam Member benefits.

Mike and Donna Oliveria, Good Sam