Explore Beautiful Idaho 2015

Idaho Offers Incredible Nature at its Best

As you explore beautiful Idaho in 2015 you will discover incredible nature at its best. It is springtime in the Salmon Valley and Abner and I have just returned from our winter in Arizona. As we prepare for our 2015 RV Park season, we are distracted by the emerging vibrant colors surrounding our campground.

Mountain Views, Jeep Run

The views are beautiful even on a stormy day!

Wagonhammer RV and Campground is in the very heart of the natural beauty of Idaho. We are located right on Highway 93 situated between majestic mountain ranges and The Salmon River of No Return. Did you know?

  • Idaho has the most whitewater in the United States. When you stay at Wagonhammeer Campground you can park your RV right on the edges of the Salmon River, known for its world class fishing and whitewater rafting!
  • Idaho has 2000 (plus) lakes, 6000 (plus) of rivers and streams. When you stay with us, you can easily venture out to explore our hidden mountain lakes.
  • Idaho has 200 peaks over 8000 feet. When you stay at Wagonhammer, you have mountain views everywhere you look, or venture off to!
  • Idaho has 2.4 million acres of forest and wilderness, the most in the lower 48 states. When you stay at Wagonhammer Campground, bring along your mountain bikes, razers, 4-wheelers, or hiking boots, as we have unlimited trails to explore nearby.

If you are planning to vacation in Idaho, plan to spend some time at Wagonhammer Campground.  We enjoy being your concierge sharing our knowledge of the area. There are so many opportunities to experience the natural beauty of our beloved Idaho. Why are we so sure you will like it here? We base our opinion on our own feelings plus that the great majority of our guests who visit this area, return again and again! Come see what all the hubbub is about. Like many others you just might find people you will form lifetime friendships with or be drawn to the rugged beauty of Idaho.

The Salmon River

The Salmon River

We want entice you to Idaho with nearby and on site activities sure to make your stay at Wagonhammer memorable!

  • Fishing in nearby lakes, or in the Salmon River right at the campground
  • Birdwatching (at the campground and nearby)
  • Ghost Towns (short day trips from the campground)
  • Hot Springs (short day trips from the campground)
  • Whitewater Rafting (day trips, outfitters will pick you up at campground)
  • Horseback Riding (we can help you arrange with a nearby outfitter)
  • Step back in time at Sacajawea Center, Lewis and Clark, historical sites
  • Shopping at Wagonhammer Gift shop, in Salmon Idaho and in other cute nearby towns
  • Nearby community events

If you are looking for a relaxing time just parked by the river to recharge the soul, Wagonhammer is the place to be! There are many guests who come just for the pure pleasure of relaxation. Salmon River Camping Request your reservations on line or call us at 208 865 2477 Happy Trails 2015

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    If your going to be HERE, BE THERE, NO BETTER PLACE TO CAMP AND. BE PART OF THE LOCAL CULTURE AND AWESOME PLACE , to explore all thT is important.

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